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We understand that choosing a new Dentist can be a big decision and for some a leap of faith. We are delighted to say that very many of our patients come to us by way of personal recommendation from their friends or family members. We think this is a huge compliment. We also comprehend that due to various circumstances you may have had a gap in your dental visits, and now you may be concerned about your dental condition. It could be especially daunting to consider that it may require a considerable amount of financial help, due to lack of maintenance in recent times.

We offer a range of options to become dentally healthy.

  • You are welcome as a private patient with fee per item service; (please see fees list)
  • Join us as a Practice Plan Basic patient more details; (here)
  • You could opt for 0% finance which help to spread the cost; (click here for more)
  • We could discuss how treatment and payment could be spread out throughout time;
  • Why not choose Dental Insurance to make your dental treatment more affordable? (click here for more)

    Please ask any member of our team and we will gladly explain how you could benefit from it.

If you would like to come and meet us before making an appointment, why not give us a call and come in for a chat where our receptionists will explain the essence of each option.

On your first visit you will be asked to fill out a short medical form and confirm your personal details whilst you are waiting to enter the surgery. There the dentist will assess your dental needs to find out the perfect treatment for you and of course to answer any questions you may have.

The dentist, will discuss with you any possible treatment options and make sure that he clearly outlines any costs as well as pros & cons plus short, medium and long-term scenarios.

My Dental Score with Practice Plan

If you are curious to find out your Patient Plan - please click here and find out.

WE look forward to meeting you on your arrival.